Charles Warsaw Meighan -- born Feb 15, 1859 NYC died July 2, 1911 Ogden Utah


Charles Meighan, Formerly Postmaster at Ogden,
and Veteran Editor, Dies.

(Special to The Herald-Republican.)

Ogden, July 2. -- Charles Meighan, abstractor and newspaper
man, and at one time postmaster at Ogden died at 5:30 o'clock
this morning at the home of Jens Winters, in Huntsville, of
heart failure and nephritis. He was fifty-two years of age.

Mr. Meighan's health has been failing for a year or more, but his condition
was not regarded as serious until about five days ago, when
his physicians advised him to spend a few weeks in the country
in the hope that he would be benefited.

Dr. A. W. Shields of Huntsville attended the patient yesterday at the
Winters home and left him feeling fairly comfortable. His condition grew
worse, however, at an early hour this morning and death resulted before
the physician could be again summoned.

Mr. Meighan is survived by two sons and a daughter, his former
wife being Mrs. ? R. Wian? of Devil's Slide. The elder son,
Charles Meighan, Jr, well known as a local newspaper man
and formerly editor of the Utah State Journal and the Ogden Examiner,
is now editor of the Live Wire at Pendleton, Ore. Frank E. Meighan is
employed by the Union (?) Portland Cement company at Devil's Slide.
The daughter, Florence Meighan, is attending summer school in this city.

Mr. Meighan was born in New York City and was a son of
Thaddeus W. Meighan, a pioneer newspaper man of that city.
His early newspaper experience was gained at his father's side while
the latter was associated with Frank Bonar on the New York Express,
Noah's Messenger and the Sunday Times. His father was also a playwright
of considerable note, being the author of "Fairy Circle" and "Waifs of New
York," which are still played.

Mr. Meighan had been a resident of Utah for twenty-one years, during which
time he conducted a large abstract business previous to his appointment as
postmaster of Ogden. He also did considerable writing along political lines.

Funeral arrangements will be announced later.